Ayla: Daughter of War

The story follows a Turkish soldier, Süleyman Dilbirliği, who is sent to Korea as part of the United Nations forces. One night, he finds a tiny, terrified, half-frozen Korean girl close to death. Faced with the helpless child, Süleyman risks his own life to save hers. Though his later attempts to keep her with him are thwarted and she is sent to an orphanage upon his return to Turkey, their remarkable bond remains intact and the pair is finally reunited 60 years later.

MyL delivered over 100 VFX shots for Ayla: Daughter of War.
The work Included matte paintings, 3D set extensions, VFX and numerous CG vehicles.

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Production company: Digital Sanatlar
Producer: Mustafa Uslu
Director: Can Ulkay

MyL team:

VFX Supervisor: Tony Landais
VFX Coordinator: Sezen Akpolat
Head of 3D: Bogi Gulacsi
3D artist: Ozan Doğan
3D artist: Enis Özbek
3D artist: Altuğ Demircioğlu
3D artist: Altuğ Yılmazer
Digital Matte Painter: Çağlar Özen
Digital Matte Painter: Fede Beret
Head of 2D: Doruk Sağlam
2D artist: Zafer Erçevik
2D artist: Utku Ertin
2D artist: Serhat Doğan
2D artist: Mertcan Ağ