Olá Lisboa! Olá Lisboa!

MyLiaison is thrilled to announce that it is opening new offices in Lisbon, Portugal.

For the MyL team, headed up by VFX Supervisor and Founder, Tony Landais, Lisbon, with its thriving creative community, is a natural next step for expansion for their business model and its partnership with UK based VFX.

Portugal shares the same time-zone with London and it is also famed for its high-levels of fluency in English.  In a small country, where TV shows and films are not dubbed, most people speak the language.  And following the recession, Portugal has mobilised its small size and highly educated population to punch above its weight.

Lisbon, in particular, has been experiencing an exciting upsurge in indigenous start-ups and worldwide banking and tech companies opening offices in the city. Creative Hubspots are popping up all over the city, luring entrepreneurs from across Europe and further afield.  There is a buzz of optimism in the city that other European capitals find difficult to match right now.  And in 2016, the prestigious tech conference, Web Summit, moved to Lisbon and is preparing for its third time hosting the summit in November 2018.  

Logistically, this all makes sense, since Portugal is the most western point of Europe, most of the internet cables from America to Europe pass through it, placing it at the forefront of investment in networking and infrastructure in Europe.  While its charming nightlife (who doesn’t enjoy a rooftop bar or two?), proximity to magnificent beaches and the fact that it is relatively good value for living standards, make it a perfect work/life balance for staff and visiting clients alike.

MyL’s Lisbon office will continue to focus on its expertise in post-production, offering a full range of services, from on-set supervision to final compositing. Portugal already has a busy and well-established service market for production companies, offering high standards and excellent value.  MyL will be well positioned to take advantage of this and partner with production companies that cover extra services from pre-production 3D previz to final online. Says Landais;

“MyL’s unique ability to scale our hub of artists according to each client’s specific needs, makes us the first choice for world class and cost-efficient VFX.  Our Lisbon office will afford us the ability to streamline the process even further and offer the finest service possible to our clients in the UK and elsewhere.”


For more information contact:
Angelika Schierz
+44 (0) 7533 09 96 05