MyL appoints Angelika Schierz MyL appoints Angelika Schierz

MyLiaison are delighted to be joined by Angelika Schierz as their UK Producer and Head of Business Development. Angelika will be the first point of contact for UK clients.

Angelika brings a wealth of experience in the VFX industry, both client and vendor side, having worked on films such as 47 Ronin, Sherlock Holmes and Spectre and with studios such as Warner Bros, Universal, Disney and ILM.

Angelika’s role at MyL sees a commitment from the company to continue to develop further collaborations and relationships in the Film and TV industry by representing MyL’s wide network of artists across Europe.

Schierz began her film career through a Production Guild Scheme in 2007 and was drawn to MyL by its approach to VFX, led by Owner and VFX Supervisor, Tony Landais.

She says, “Tony has an astonishing knowledge of VFX and MyL are driven to explore new forums, be that in VFX, events, TV or VR.  They are not afraid of new technology.  Although we are based in different cities, I have a better and more frequent communication with Tony than on any job I’ve ever worked.  I want MyL to be seen as a talent pool and not some location.”

Tony Landais, says of Schierz, “We are thrilled having Angelika in our team and accompanying our clients in the UK. Her experience in the film industry and VFX, will open new horizons and ensure the continuity of our activity in London.”